Small Business And Start Up Funding Tips And Advice From Successful Entrepreneurs

You have a great startup idea, you believe it’s awesome and that it has a huge potential. You know what to do, how to do it. You have made a working prototype and it is working great. You can even smell the profits that are coming… Just a tiny problem stays between you and your success… The lack of finances… Any startup needs to be financed somehow and you should be well prepared when you start searching for cash. Here is a nice clip that can give you some cool tips and advice about startup financing.

This below is a video from the Google I/O conference (held in the year 2011), in which you can get some advice on how to get your starting business funded by venture capital companies. On the video, you will see 3 successful entrepreneurs talking about how they built their companies and how they got funded. You will watch the stories of:

Paul Buchheit – one of the founders of the successful startup Friendfeed, now owned by Facebook.

Joe Kraus – he is the founder of Excite – a web portal providing various web services like news, e-mail, weather information, messaging services and some other. Excite was also one of the very first search engines on the web, founded in 1995. Later he founded JotSpot, which was acquired by Google and transformed into Google Sites. Currently, he works as an investment partner at Google Ventures.

Seth Priebatsch – he is the founder of Scavenger ( – a game that uses Google Maps, in which you have to go around and find different things. It’s like a scavenger hunt.

In the video, you will not only see how these successful entrepreneurs made it but also you will receive some precious experience from them. Finally, you will be better prepared for the process of finding the needed finances for your business. This video was really interesting for me and I hope you like it, too:

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