nPower PEG – A Business Idea That Allows You To Produce Electricity While Running

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Have you thought about utilizing the energy you burn while running and using it for producing an electricity for example? Well, the guys from Tremont Electric, a small start up in Cleveland, not only have thought about this, they have made it real. Their innovative product is called nPower PEG (PEG – personal electric generator) and it is a simple and highly effective generator. It captures some of the kinetic energy your body produce and transforms it into electricity. So, if your mobile phone is low on battery, you can have a walk in the park to recharge it. Or you can do that during your morning run. The product sold under the slogan ‘The power is in you’ is already on the market and it sells for around $150. It is compatible for more than 3 000 mobile devices, including most of the contemporary mobile phones, iPads, tablets and other.

In fact, there is another company that has come to the idea of making electric power from motion. Their idea is to use kids’ energy while playing to power supply the lighting or small electrical devices on playgrounds. Everybody knows that children never get tired playing, why not using this power? You can read about this story here.

Produce energy while running, biking or even walking.

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