Playground Energy – Kids Can Generate Electricity While Playing

One day I was at the playground near our home with my little boy. So we headed towards there and when the toys appeared on the horizon I saw the flames in my son’s eyes. He couldn’t even wait till we got there. He rushed towards the playground and started jumping, climbing, sliding, and running all around the place. He was like a little toy with a pair of brand-new and fresh batteries installed. I said to myself ‘Wow..! This kid is running like crazy…’ And obviously, most of the kids there had the same attitude and behavior. We all know these little guys and gals have endless energy to spend. This fact has inspired a Bulgarian entrepreneur to find a way of utilizing this power.

Hristo Alexiev is the founder and manager of the innovative technology company Playground Energy. The company is developing a new generation of toys that can make outdoor games more fun, educational, and in the first place – useful. The main business idea the company was built around is utilizing the infinite energy of the little boys and girls while playing.

Playground Energy Toy

Playground Energy Toy

Kids don’t sacrifice their gaming experience and in the same time, they generate electric power which can be used for many different purposes – from powering the lights on the playground to supporting wi-fi Internet parents could use while their children play there.

This innovative and a little bizarre business idea has been gaining popularity not only in Bulgaria but also all around the world. One of the first products of Playground Energy is a spring toy inside which is placed a small generator that uses the kinetic energy from the rocking motion of the toy and generates low voltage electricity which can be used for many different things. Its price is around $540 which is relatively acceptable regarding its benefits. This toy is only the beginning. Many international investors got interested in the business and it has already received a few hundred thousand in seed funding.

These power-generating toys are also intended to help us cope with childhood obesity which has been getting bigger and bigger problems around the Earth. According to a recent study, more than 18% of children in the United States are overweight. Also, such contemporary toys could steal part of the attention paid to video games and redirect it to playing outside.

Playground Energy Video

In the following video, the founder of Playground Energy is sharing a few words about his business idea and the products created upon it.

You can also visit the official website of the company at

In today’s world, we are seeing a growing focus on the importance of physical activity to ensure good health, particularly for children. Unfortunately, in many cases, children are either unable or not allowed to play outside due to safety concerns or a lack of access to outdoor play equipment. As a result, the amount of physical activity that children get is less than ideal.

Playground energy is a concept that combines the fun of playground play with the physical benefits of exercise. The idea is that playground equipment is now available that is powered by kinetic energy. As kids play on the apparatuses, the movement and vibration produce electricity, which can then be used to power the playground lights, music, and sound systems.

The concept of playground energy has been around for a few years and is being tested in various places around the world. It has been found to be a great way to get kids involved in physical activities while enjoying the ambiance of a safe, entertaining playground. It also reduces electricity costs and carbon emissions as nothing needs to be powered by the energy grid.

Playground energy can provide an enjoyable, safe outdoor activity for kids of all ages. It may even inspire a love of physical activity in children that wasn’t there before. In the end, playground energy is an innovative concept that is sure to be the wave of the future.

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