Domain Name Searching Could Be a Lucrative Business

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Do you want to use your talent to start making money? A great way to do this is by starting your own business. And this is how these guys have built a profitable enterprise. With the growing number of online entrepreneurs now looking for the perfect domain name, a specialized service for this is a great business idea. It may be really difficult to pick your perfect domain name. Not only because it is supposed to stay as your brand for years, but also because most of the cool names have been already registered by other people. The founders of PickyDomains.Com spotted an opportunity and decided to turn it into a business. And this is their success story …

Most of the other similar companies charge a fee of more than $1000 per domain, but PickyDomains.Com is an agency that will ask for only $50 per domain name. You can purchase the perfect corporate name by choosing from countries around the world, including the US, Russia, Australia, and New Zealand.
The client will pay just $50 and will receive a list of the available domains in the next 30 days. She can pick one of her choices and it will be hers immediately. Half of the sum is paid to the person who found the domain, and the other half is to the agency. This means that anyone, who can generate cool and memorable names can sign up as a contributor on the site and actually earn cash working for them. In case the customer doesn’t find the perfect name for herself, the $50 fee will be refunded to her after the 30-day period is over. Extremely simple business model, and extremely profitable. You order a service, pay the price and if you are not really happy you just get a full refund. The customer can lose nothing and there are no hassles and questions asked.

This brilliant service has found the perfect solution for all seeking to acquire the best domain name for their business. PickyDomains.Com is the ideal service for this purpose. Also, the site is great for earning some cash, too, if you are full of ideas about cool names. You just need to register as a contributor (for free) and start generating ideas. Your domain ideas are suggested to the customers of the site and if someone likes one of your suggested names, you get paid. You can work directly from your home, but you need to be really creative because customers are … choosy.


But the more important lesson here would be that making money online is really easy when you can do something, and you can do it well. Everyone is good at some area… What is yours? If you have found it, why don’t you try to employ it?

Some of the most expensive domain names

The most expensive domain name purchase of all time is It was purchased by QuinStreet in 2009 for a reported $49.7 million, making it one of the most valuable ‘real estate’ on the web. But that purchase isn’t seemingly too outrageous when compared with the other pricing within the market; was acquired 15 years later in 2014 and cost $90 million, having started its bidding war at just $20 million! was purchased in 2010 by QuinStreet Inc. for a reported $35.6 million, making it one of the most expensive domain name purchases ever recorded. The cost was the result of the name’s relevance to the business and its value as an established brand name. QuinStreet Inc., now owns one of the largest insurance websites in the world, where customers can compare rates from multiple providers to find the best deals on coverage.

This domain name was sold in 2007 from Expedia to HomeAway Inc., now known as Vrbo, for a reported $35 million. VacationRentals is one of the most visited vacation rental websites in the world and has helped revolutionize travel planning for millions of people around the globe. The website provides invaluable opportunities for travelers looking for unique options and deals on their next vacation spot and it continues to be hugely popular today due to its convenient features and reliable customer service reputation.

However, these impressive purchases don’t even come close to what one company paid for a domain in 2014. Insurance company Sureassertive bought for an incredible $16 million – a record for ccTLDs!

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