Liz Wessel Left Google Before Even Starting Her Job To Found WayUp

Google is an amazing company and this is not only my opinion. The company was the best one can find to work for in 2016, according to Fortune. It has been a dream for many college graduates, some of which would kill to get a job there. Well, it’s one of the coolest companies of all times, isn’t it? Employees get all kinds of perks, and I am not talking only about the free haircuts and the ‘cleansing’ toilets, but also about some little weird ones… Like their death benefits according to which employee’s spouse gets 50% of the dead partner’s salary for a decade! So actually it’s not a bit strange to want to work there, right. But this was not how Liz Wessel thought about her career in the company. Yep, she was one of the people admiring Google (and still is) and she wanted a job there. And she was even offered one – to become a Product Marketing Manager… And what did she do? She quit her job before even she got hired:). At her interview there with the company’s hiring manager she directly stated that she would leave the company in 2 years. On the question ‘Why?’ she just answered that she wanted to start a company on her own.

Liz Wessel

Liz Wessel – a picture from her Twitter profile:

Even being painfully honest with Google’s recruiters, she actually got the job in the company and worked there for … 2 years. On July 11th, 2014 she quit and on the very same date, she and a guy named JJ Fliegelman started WayUp. The startup was very successful from the very beginning, they managed to raise about $1 million dollars of seed capital just in the first few weeks after its foundation. The startup helps recently graduated students to find good quality jobs and internships. The scheme is actually very simple. Job searchers create a free account on WayUp and there they eventually meet their desired job opportunity posted by some of the top employees. Pretty straightforward and actually working really well.

Liz Wessel always wanted to run her own company and WayUp is the fruit of her desire and the great plan she had about how to do this. She actually started her job in Google with the intention to learn from the best how a business is run. This was her tuition before she jumped in the deep. I have to acknowledge that the plan was great and the execution – wonderful. Her story is a great example of how to achieve something. First, you need to really know what you want, then you need a plan and the last but not the least you should stick to it no matter what.

A Serial Woman Entrepreneur

Actually, Liz’s desire to run a business dates from a little earlier than finding a job in Internet giant.

In 2006, Liz worked as a self-employed swimming instructor (according to her LinkedIn profile.)

Back in 2010, in her sophomore year, along with her buddy Adam Friedman she founded Penneats – a company selling 10% discount card for restaurants, to students. She started selling the cards in her university – The University Of Pennsylvania. In a while, the business was expanded with a bunch of new campuses like Harvard, MIT, Columbia, Northwestern, and Cornell. After some time, PennEats was renamed to UniEats as a result of the expansion of the company in many other states.

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