This Is How To Make Money As A Teenager – Jack Bloomfield Makes 70k Weekly And He Is 17

Jack Bloomfield, an Australian teenage entrepreneur, currently last year in high-school, is one of the youngest self-made millionaires… Just 17 years old, he’s been successfully starting and running online businesses since he was 12. His company turns millions of dollars per year and this is just the beginning of his journey.

Jack began his entrepreneurial adventure very early in life. At an age at which most of the kids are passionate about games, cartoons, and toys, Jack was already passionate about the online world. He had been very interested in business and the Internet as a whole. So interested that when he shared his grand business plan with his dad when he was just 7. Just a year later, he designed and created his first website. At 12, using the money that he earned by mowing his neighbor’s lawn, he started his first business. And he’s not stopped growing as an entrepreneur ever since…

Jack Bloomfield

His first business was an app called Next Gifts that allowed its users to create virtual cards online and send them to their precious ones. Jack started with just 500 AUD (Australian dollars). Just a year later, he used the money that he made with this venture to go a level up, he created BlueHealth – a healthcare app that made it easier for doctors and their patients to keep track of their health records by storing them in a centralized place. But even this was not enough for him. Then he took a shot in FOREX trading and some other stuff from which he learned a lot. His real breakthrough happened when he was 15, the time when he entered the world of e-commerce. This was when he founded his company – “Bloom Ventures”.

How it happened? Initially, Jack started selling carbon fiber money clips online. Then he managed to find a drop-shipping vendor and this way to scale his e-commerce business up. Then he went on with other products and quickly expanded even more. Today, Jack has 5 online stores that make most of his revenue. One of them is “Best Bargain Club”, where he sells all kinds of stuff – from T-shirts to remote controls and flashlights.

Jack shares that he had no special knowledge or education that could help him succeed at such an early age. He believes that nobody even needs these. He red, red, and red all materials that he could find about how to start an online business and this was how he had learned how to do it. The Internet is a huge source for any information anyone could ever want to know. and it just stays there and is waiting for you. The only thing you should do is to go and get it. That’s it! According to him, the secret for his success are qualities that everyone can obtain – dedication, hard work, persistence, and continuous and constant learning.

Nowadays, Jack’s e-commerce business already generates millions in revenue, but he works even harder to keep it growing. He gets up from bed very early in the morning, usually at 5.30 AM and spends his first hours reviewing the performance of his business from the previous day. After he’s done with that, he moves on with other business tasks until it gets time for him to go to school. Then he gets in the role of a normal teenager, goes to classes until 4 PM and then spends an hour or two to do his homework and dine with his family. after all of that, Jack gets back to work – working on his sites, writing e-mails, setting up ads campaigns, and addressing customer issues… Making everything needed to make sure that his business is going in the right direction. After such a long day, he goes to sleep and at 5.30 AM the next day he starts everything all over again…

The young Bloomfield doesn’t want to be chained for 40 years to a desk, working a 9-5 job, and waiting for his salary at the end of each month. He wants to be in charge of his own future is this is the main part of his motivation.

According to the young entrepreneur, there is no better time to start a business that the time when you are at school. Why? Because the risk then is minimal! All of your bills and expenses are taken care of by your parents, you don’t need to worry about putting bread and butter on the table and usually don’t have any significant financial obligations. But the sweetest of all is that failure can not do any harm to you, you can only learn from it. That time is the best time to try and fail, then dust yourself and do it again until you succeed.

The younger you start the better, and with the huge amount of technology at your fingertips, it costs next to nothing to get started. My very first business required an investment of just $500.

The most important stuff for success – obsession! You need to really be obsessed with your business, you have to really want it. One of the favorite books of the teenage entrepreneur is Grant Cardone‚Äôs Be Obsessed Or Be Average. Having a strong passion for his business is what really helped Jack a lot to be successful and grow his company, “Bloom Ventures” into a multi-million online business from ground zero.

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