How To Make Money On the Side, From Home, On The Internet

The Internet has been playing a bigger and bigger role in everybody’s life for the last couple of decades. Not only is it the greatest sort of information out there but also everybody can make some money on the side online.  And here are 4 really great ways to make money online by writing from home…

4 Ways of Making Money On the Side Online By Writing From Home

1 Writing from home for other people

There are really lots of people who need quality articles daily and they are ready to pay you good money for this. And don’t worry that you are a complete newbie, especially if you are a native English speaker. You would be just amazed by how many non-English guys and gals offer articles in this language. Native speakers have big natural advantage here. Also, everyone has to start from anywhere right? And here are some nice places, where you can offer your services as a copywriter:

Earn Online Typing

A good place to find your first clients are freelance sites or some big online business forums where millions of people around the world buy and sell personal services to each other. Just register for free there and make an offer for a posted task of your choice:

IWRITER – One of the best places for writers, a site 100% dedicated to writing. I hire people on a regular basis from there so there is some turnover going on. Just follow the link, create a free account there, and catch an already posted project.

Freelancer – This is the biggest freelance site in the world, you make an offer for already posted jobs and the author of the job decides to whom to grand the work. The site is not only for writing but also you can get paid for many other types of work there. The site offers even some courses and online tests and certifications to improve your skills and proof your skills to all potential employers. – The biggest forum for online business and online marketing. This is the so-called “content” section. You can apply for one of the already posted job offers or you could start your own thread offering your services. – This is the copy-writing section of another huge online business forum, where you could offer your services as a writer. Just go register, start a thread there offering your services, and see what will happen.

If you don’t want to deal directly with customers, you can use a company acting as a middleman – they find customers, you write articles for them and the revenue from this is split between you and the company. Here are some of them: – one of the biggest content market out there. If you need some articles for you, check it too. Go there, register as a writer and start making money… – another site where you can sell your articles – another big site where articles are traded. This is the page with the author’s requirements.

2 Earn by writing product reviews online

There are zounds of different products and services on the market. Imagine that you are a buyer looking for something, the chance to buy it would be far greater, if you had come across a nice and informative review from someone that has bought and is happy with a product. That’s why many companies would pay you to write independent reviews for their products. Here are some of them: – register a blog with one of the free blogging platforms below, add at least 20 posts and start earning money with this program by blogging about many different kinds of things and products. – get paid for writing reviews for your good and bad experience with different products and services. – write customer reviews and make some money for it the site makes money from your review. – This site is based in the United Kingdom, write some product opinions there and get paid. You can also make money for every person that reads your opinion.

3 Building your own blog and becoming a home author

This is a great way to earn from your content writing skills. Everybody knows something about some other thing. Some are good at maths, others are good at dancing, what are you good at? Just discover your biggest interest and start a blog about it! So simple… You can use one of the free blogging platforms out there and start a blog immediately. The idea here is to build an informative web place and earn from advertising. Most of the blogging platforms offer the option to add advertisements on your pages and start earning from this. And they are completely free… Sign up for these sites to start to make money online by writing from home even today: – may be the most popular blogging platform, you can create a blog immediately and place AdSense and amazon advertisements there. These blogs are wee ranked in search results and you have a large number of different options for setting them. I would suggest you try it if you are hesitating about what to choose. – a great way to build a page of nice content and start earning from it. You can have multiple pages on different topics and this will give you multiple streams of income. Your page will look like this one: – build a free website and put some ads on it. You have a convenient web interface to structure your site and pages. –  the most famous free blogging platform. Here you can create a free WordPress blog hosted on their servers. Then put some ads on your pages.

4 Building your own site and start to make money online by writing from home by publishing about what you know best

This is the best place for your content. But if you don’t know how to build a site, it may be a difficult task for you. So if you are a complete newbie, I would suggest you try any of the above blogging platforms and start with them. Otherwise, just learn how to build a site for yourself (it’s far from difficult), or buy one. Creating your own WordPress Blog is a great way to start. I will write a tutorial about this and will post it here. For now, just use this wonderful device called Google! Search and learn how to do it. You will need to buy a domain for your site and hosting, these expenses are just several dollars per month. If you find this difficult, you can use the WordPress micro-blogging platform, as mentioned above.

I hope these ways of how to make some side money online by writing from home will help you increase your online income. If you like this article, please link to it and share it using the social buttons below. Thanks!