Silvester Stallone’s Story – How The ‘Rocky’ Movie Was Made

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Silvester Stallone

Certainly, there can’t be a better example of how commitment and fully engaging yourself with what you do than the life of Sylvester Stallone. There can be a lot of questions over how he managed to receive about $20 million per role, making him one of the best paid in Hollywood. Was it talent, a lucky coincidence or was it a combination of both?

If you’ve ever wondered what made Stallone that special, you would never have guessed, probably, that the reason behind all the charm is an almost deadly mistake by the doctors who delivered him. A misused pair of instruments cut through a nerve, causing paralysis to the entire lower left side of his face. Tongue, cheek and chin are all incapable of normal gestures and movements, being the reason behind the unique way of talking and acting.

The Beginning of It All

Initially, Sylvester Stallone started as a student-actor at which point he also began going to auditions. Because of all the defects, mainly caused by the aforementioned mistake, he was constantly rejected. He, however, did not abandon hope; instead, he learned and enriched his abilities, changed his overlook and swiftly transformed his acting. Doing whatever it takes was what kept him going and it proved a successful tactic for finally getting to his fist role. His stubbornness and a bit of desperation caused him to stay for hours after an audition, sitting firmly on a chair, until he was given a chance. Even though it was a small part as an extra, it was still a role; it was the beginning of his career.

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Silvester Stallone, pic: Wikimedia Commons

Silvester Stallone, pic: By Nicolas Genin from Paris, France – CC-BY-SA-2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

However, this breakthrough didn’t get him anywhere at that moment; another series of rejections followed, causing even his wife to tell him to get a ‘real’ job and stop losing both of their time. But Stallone wouldn’t forget his dreams; it meant forgetting all that made him feel alive. This same stubbornness that got Sly his first role was going to bring him to a bankruptcy so severe, that changed his lifeā€¦ At some point of time he had nothing to eat, he was so desperate that he had to sell his dog for $50, in order to survive. Being the sole living creature that was left with him at the time, this decision was really hard. This was the lowest level he had reached, he had sold his best friend!