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A movie inspired by the real life of Chris Gardner.

The Pursuit of Happiness Movie – One Of The Greatest Entrepreneurial Movies I’ve Watched

The Pursuit of Happiness is one great movie about the life of a man who found himself homeless, broke, without a home, and totally desperate. It’s about his struggle for getting up again and becoming a millionaire. If you like movies about winning the fight with life, this one may be real for you. And the best thing here is that it’s based on a true story, it tracks the early and hard life of Chris Gardner and how he made it from homeless to a millionaire. The Pursuit of Happiness movie is about the success story of Gardner, who...

Pirates Of Sillicon Valey

Pirates of Silicon Valley – An Amazing Movie About Apple And Microsoft That Everybody Should Watch

Simply Great! This is what I could say about the movie: “Pirates Of Silicon Valley“. This is a real story, about the fathers of the world of technology we have today. A movie about the struggle of young entrepreneurs, that founded two of the greatest companies ever – Apple and Microsoft. It’s a movie about the epic fight between the early tech giants, stolen business ideas, and entrepreneurship.  A movie about the competition between the two men, who lead the most successful companies of our time – Steve Jobs (Apple) and Bill Gates (Microsoft).  You will be just amazed at...