Amazing Start Up Stories Of Vimeo, Kiip, InDinero, Soundcloud And Dropbox

They are some of the super bright stars in the world of entrepreneurship. They are young, they are determined, and they are running a startup. I came across this cool movie about the lives of some of the youngest and super successful entrepreneurs. This is actually a documentary video about online entrepreneurs from the old continent and The United States and how they made their business ideas happen. Below you can watch how some of the most innovative Internet startups were launched and how they rose or fell. The clip contains interviews with a dozen of young founders, some of which are the creators of companies like Vimeo, Kiip, InDinero, Soundcloud, Dropbox, and many others, who talk about how they began with their ventures and how their lives changed after that. Some of them made it from the first trial, and others just failed (even several times)… But all of them achieved success in the long run because those who failed didn’t quit trying. They got up and tried until they made it. And this is what entrepreneurs do, isn’t it? There are some really interesting stories here and I think you will like this video. It offers you the chance to taste the experience of the founders of some really big online companies today, and this is great. You can learn from their success and mistakes and you can watch how they cope with problems or how problems cope with them. There are many things and of which this video is a pretty cool one. Nice watching…

Web Start-Up Stories

This video was created by matador Media. They made the clip to motivate other starting entrepreneurs and I think they have done a nice job. If you think so, too, please share this cool video using the social buttons on your left.