How Marketing Affects Our Brains

Today’s life is full of advertisements. You can see them almost anywhere – at the gym, on the TV, on the Internet… How do you think, do these ads influence your brain? Most of the people think that ads don’t affect them, but actually, they kind of do. And this happens pretty much unconsciously, this is why you don’t recognize it as affection. Like it or not, people are just animals, we are just a little more evolutionary advanced that the ‘real’ animals. Our brain has been evolving for millions of years and we sill have some ‘animal’ mechanisms hardcoded in it. We used these mechanisms to survive thousands of years ago, and even though we don’t use them that much again, they are still there, in our brain… And they work… We still have primitive responses to many things in our lives (maybe this is why my wife often says that to me 🙂 ). Usually, the first reaction to an irritant is primitive and just after that we turn on our cognitive abilities. And this is what marketing experts take advantage of when making ads.

On the following infographic, you can see some nice examples of how people react to different colors, forms, visualizations, and sounds. These tricks are used in advertisements for achieving a greater impact.


See how marketing affects our brain.

See how marketing affects our brain. Created by:

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