What Is Wikipedia’s History? How Jimmy Wales Started The Biggest Free Encyclopedia

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Wikipedia.org is the biggest, the greatest and the most popular free online encyclopedia today. Its knowledge database has been created by millions of people from all over the world. Currently (2015) the site has more than 37 million articles in more than 280 different languages and their number has been constantly increasing. They were created by the 27 million registered users and are available for free use, under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License . Monthly, more than 14% of all people, who use Internet visit the site. On Wikipedia you can find information about almost any existing topic you could imagine – from how to bake cookies to how to build a nuclear weapon and launch in it space 🙂 … It has become the 6th most popular site on Earth, according to alexa.com

History Of The Word’s Online Encyclopedia

Once, there was a site called Nupedia – a free encyclopedia, written exclusively by professionals and specialists. It was ran by a small company called “Bomis”, one of its founders was Jimmy Wales. It was intended to become one of the biggest places of knowledge on the Internet. Although there were many volunteers who wanted to become editors of the site, it was advancing really slow. All articles had to pass a complicated approval process, which resulted only a few of them approved. After the first years of existence of Nupedia, it had the unimaginable 12 articles… That was a craze… So many smart guys in one place and just 12 writings?!? The project’s chief editor was Larry Sander and he and Wales started looking for some ways to speed the things up. By that time, the wiki structured sites were gaining momentum. Sander thought that using a wiki platform for the site might be a nice choice and he introduced the idea to Wales. This was how the concept of Wikipedia was born back in 2001. The plans were the UseModWiki platform to be installed, where everybody would be able to publish content freely and the best of it would be used for Nupedia. So, Jimmy Wales installed a copy of the platform and put it online on the 10th of January, 2001. Most of the editors of Nupedia didn’t want everyone to be able to mess with their work, that’s why they insisted a different name to be given to the project. This is how the domain name Wikipedia.org was registered and launched five days later – on the 15th of January. This was the official birth of the site.

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