The History Of – The Startup Story Of Matt Mickiewicz and Mark Harbottle

There are hundreds of millions of sites on the Internet today. Some of these web assets are something like online real estates – they generate passive revenue (rent) for their owners, others are big online businesses making millions of dollars. It’s completely natural for these properties to be traded and this need has been growing fast for the last years. This is what a group of entrepreneurs took advantage of and this was the idea behind the number one site marketplace –

What Is Flippa?

Flippa is¬†simply a website marketplace, where buyers and sellers of online properties from all around the world meet and make deals. Over the years, the site has become the largest, the most visited and the most preferred place for buying and selling websites. If you are a buyer, it doesn’t matter what your budget is, there you can find offers starting from $100 and reaching millions of dollars. If you are a seller, this would be the best place to trade off. Why? Simply because every minute there are more than 2 500 people online looking for a deal. The registered users are over 200 000 and in 2011, around 25 000 sites were sold on Flippa for the total amount of $31 000 000.

How and when the site was founded

Everything started back in 2005, when the idea for an online marketplace was born and the market was founded by Matt Mickiewicz and Mark Harbottle, in 1999. It was a place, where people could buy and sell all kinds of Internet-related stuff – apps, sites, services and whatever else you could imagine. Over the years, the number of website deals increased dramatically. This was a totally new niche. There were zounds of websites and no specialized market for them. The founders spotted the trend and these types of offers were spun out as a separate business. This was how in 2009, was born. Since then, its popularity has grown dramatically. The same happened with the number of deals and their value. In 2010, the popular book directory – was sold on Flippa for a not disclosed 6 figure sum. Some other big deals followed the same year. Other popular deals are the sale of by Mark Zuckerberg and the amazing site sending glitter online that was sold for $85 000.

About Flippa Today

Today, the site auction is still the ultimate leader in its field. Since its official foundation in 2009, the value of all of the deals there has reached nearly $73 000 000 and counting…¬† More and bigger Internet companies use Flippa to sell their sites or entire businesses. For example, – the largest international fitness website in the world is currently listed there for $4 million, which is a decent deal. Sitepoint is also responsible for some other innovative online businesses, like: – a crowdsourcing design site, where more than 22000 designers compete for the projects there. – a site for online learning for web developers – the web stuff marketplace

These businesses have turned Matt Mickiewicz and Mark Harbottle some of the youngest and most successful young entrepreneurs in the world.

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