Movable Type – Millionaires By Accident

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Entrepreneur Writer

I love writing about cool and innovative business ideas, I also enjoy Internet. This is how one day I decided to create the site After then, it has become the place, where I can have some fun creating cool stories about the most succesful and innovative start ups, entrepreneurs, business ideas and other cool topics.

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  1. Moncler Frakker says:

    Hard work is important, but I think that there are many people out there, who work really hard and still struggle to achieve their goals. Only working hard isn’t enough, I think… You need something else. May be working smart? But what working smart actually is?

    • You are right here. Working hard is not 100% of success, but I bet it’s at least 80% . In other words its one of the most important factors. Will be glad to see some other opinions on this, it’s an interesting issue.

  2. It’s one of thee stories in which something big is created out of scratch. They are always interesting, because many people believe that they can get something from nothing. Actually things almost always differ from that. Hard work is what played major role in all of these success stories.

  1. .

    The story of Movable Type is truly nice to know. I enjoyed reading it, as many other cool articles on this blog. I hope you add many more stories like this one in the foreseeable future. Good job on this and continue the good work that has been done, so far. How some of the greatest entrepreneurs started their businesses has always been an interesting and enjoying reading for me.

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