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Airbnb (Air Bed and Breakfast) A Story Of Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky

Airbnb is a website, where everyone can rent and/or list for renting lodging. Not only from New York to San Francisco, but almost everywhere in the world. The sites act just as a mediator, it only connects travelers and hosts and doesn’t own any of the listed properties. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a vacation rental, an apartment to live or just a room to stay for a day or two. “Air Bed and Breakfast” is the solution to your problems. This is how this great business was started… This Was How The Start-Up Idea Was Born One look at Airbnb‘s visionary business... - this is how the site looks like (2015)

How Sachin Kate Started a Car Rental Business – Clear Car Rental

Clear Car Rental is an Indian company providing car rental services in most of the big cities in India. It is actually an on-line car booking portal on which you can easily find your preferred car at the best price. The site is one of the pioneers in its field and it has an amazing start up story. Founded just a few years ago (in 2010), the site has become one of the leading car rental services in India. Here is how this happened… The Start Up Story Of Clear Car Rental While being of Aurangabad origin doesn’t mean coming from... – Advitiya Sharma Starts Top Real Estate Site in India

Just by holding a dinner meeting with Mr. Haresh Chalwa, managing partner at India Value Fund Advisors (IVFA) and former Network 18 CEO, closed on another funding deal less than four weeks since their previous investment. At least according to Mr. Advitiya Sharma, co-founder,, Mr. Haresh was impressed with the team and its product and that’s why he made the funding. Whether that’s exactly what happened, or some secret relationship between and Mr. Haresh triggered the funding, the company’s success story truly merits anybody’s faith and trust (including Mr. Haresh’s). The housing portal idea came up in...

The logo of redBus

The Start Up Story Of redBus – A Company Founded By 3 Indian Entrepreneurs From Ground Zero

In mid-2013, Indian travel entity redBus was officially acquired by Nasper – a South African based media and Internet group – via IbiboGroup, Nasper’s Indian subsidiary. Looking back on the company’s short history since its startup less than a decade ago, you would almost agree that the partnership with a company of Nasper’s class is nothing less than a milestone 100% deserved. RedBus was founded in August 2006 by Phanindra Sama, Sudhakar Pasupunuri, and Charan Padmaraju – three engineers who were schoolmates at The Birla Institute of Technology and Science and workmates at various companies in Bengaluru. They began renting...

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The Start Up Story Of Basecamp And Jason Fried

Basecamp is one of the coolest companies in the world. Its headquarter is in Chicago but everyone working there is free to live and work from anywhere else in the world. This is how, not much surprising, many of the employees of Basecamp work from home and other convenient locations. The company has an amazing startup story, it’s really intriguing and this is why I thought it’d be great to have it on this site. To all of you, Basecampers, I wish you luck and successful business. What Is Basecamp? Basecamp is an on-line project management software, used by thousands...

The Bottle Keeper

The BottleKeeper – How Adam Callinan Made A Million Dollars Online

Adam Callinan is an entrepreneur, writer, and co-owner of a venture capital firm. Not only has he helped lots of small businesses at their early stage, but also he started many companies himself. He has some decent startup experience and here is a great story of his, a step by step explanation of how he started an automated million dollars online business with practically very little cash and no employees. This is the story of his latest and very successful online startup – This article was originally published on, by Adam himself: Recently I wrote a general overview,...

The amazing story of - the company that made it from zero to $1 billion just in a few years.

The Story Of Instagram In Pictures

Instagram is definitely one of the greatest companies of the Internet era, and it’s story – one of the most engaging start up stories today. The company started by the two young entrepreneurs Kevin Systrom and Michel Krieger was sold to Facebook for the whooping of $1 000 000 000, just a few years after its foundation. The story of Instagram is not only a story of ‘how to start a billion dollars company and cash in’, but also it’s a story about faith, persistence and entrepreneurship. It’s really amazing and you can see it at the following set of...

Talent Trail

Talent Trail’s Story – A College Start Up By Sydney Liu and Ryan Choi

Internships can be really helpful for the start of your career or learning about a business. Where to find the best internship for you? Talen Trail might be a good place to start. This brand new college start up allows companies publish branded and focused landing pages for finding the best interns they need. The site has a large database with candidates, which are automatically filtered by work experience, skills, knowledge, culture and many other factors. This way, businesses are provided with a short list with the most suitable people for their internship. This makes the process smooth and easy...

Gasbuddy shows all stations near me and their prices.

Where Is The cheapest Gas – GasBuddy Can Tell You This

Have you heard about GasBuddy? This great business idea was incorporated in Minneapolis, back in 2000, by two guys named Dustin Coupal and Jason Toews. Before launching the company, Dustin was an eye doctor and Jason worked as a computer programmer. Do you remember that around the year 2000, gas prices started to rise? This was how the two entrepreneurs came to the idea of helping people save some money regarding this. Different gas stations offered different prices and there was always a place where filling up your car tank was a sweet bargain. So, the two entrepreneurs decided to... – An Innovation In The Social Networking World

Facebook and Twitter and a few other big social sharks have been dominating the social world for many, many years now. Big sites have become a part of everyday’s life of so many people, that many think it’s impossible for a new player to come to the hood. Big players have established a solid oligopoly that’s nearly unbreakable. I thought so, too, but actually, this turned out to be an illusion. Innovation has always been the greatest fear of titans in business and this is what, a brand new social network, employs to rush to the top. Is Different Ello...